marți, 25 august 2009

And I wonder...

Do you wonder what it means to find your dreams?

Feel that moment, when you know, you are, do, feel, think and have just how you dream to... that moment, when your life has purpose, and every moment since that moment, every moment you keep your purpose, and your dreams, and actions, and feelings, and happiness... Is it worth the fight to get there? Is it worth a thought, and an action, every single day of your life? Is it worth ocasionally fighting your friends, being called names, being made fun of, hurt, fought against, is it worth being slammed against the ground and left alone, for a while.. if in the end you get to your dreams? Is it worth the courage to face it all?

I ask you because.. if your answer is no.. I wonder.. if know.. what it means.. to find your dreams..

Enjoying another day of purpose..

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